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'Let food by thy medicine and your medicine be your food'

- Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

For many it's not the first time you've seen this quote, but the concept is central to my philosophy of healthcare that I have to note it. I see food as a medicine but don't get caught up in the latest diet fad or craze, expect you to spend all your downtime in the kitchen, but rather employ simple, effective, proven recommendations to make food-based changes a lifestyle change.  I go as fast or as slow as you need with food changes, and if there's something you just can't let go of I'll create a solution that minimises it's negative impact.  It's about working with each client to understand your goals and creating a list of foods to enjoy that you'll easily embrace and feel all the better for.

As the function of the body and mind are run by the vast array of nutrients we get from our food, if the weekly food intake is less-than-best it's not surprising that you feel, think and be less than you'd like.  Assessing nutritional deficiencies and/or excesses is based on your individual lifestyle, stress levels, digestive function, food quality and health needs.  I understand what nutrients are needed to run the functions of the body and whether you may need a simple 'top up' or long term care.  Nutritional imbalances are then addressed with the best-in-breed supplements from around the world to ensure you're getting the most from your time and money. 

If you've any questions about how nutritional medicine can help you, please get in contact.

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