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Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, has a long tradition of use across all cultures of the world. The popularity of herbal medicines has been reinvigorated over the past decades as individuals look for safe and effective alternatives to support their health and wellbeing goals.


I combine the knowledge base of the traditional herbalists with the ever-increasing pool of scientific evidence about herbs mechanisms of action, allowing me to formulate a combination of herbs that simultaneously addresses your current symptoms and the deeper cause/s of your physical, mental or emotional issues.


I primarily use western herbal medicines, yet embrace a range of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Only the highest quality herbs that have been extensively tested for authenticity and purity are use, giving you the peace of mind that you're helping, and not hindering, your body and mind.

If you've any questions about how herbal medicine can help you, please get in contact.


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