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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a truly holistic, non-invasive, therapy that works on you at a layer deeper than naturopathic medicine does.  After many years working with naturopathy alone, I realised that many symptoms and conditions that people were asking for assistance to overcome, were emotional at their core and I needed a different way 'in' to locate, release and free them from its hold. 


My personal health journey​ led me to the art and science of kinesiology. From there I've deep-dived into the study of a range of energy medicines, including kinesiology, sound therapy, chakra balancing and reiki. I believe I've taken the best from all and created a way to practice that enables me to be my best for the client; creating a space for them to locate and dissipate areas of stress they've been holding that no longer serves them.


The clients that have been on this journey with me experience a release that goes beyond standard 'talk therapy' to understand how their past influences their present, whilst appreciating the spiritual direction that we can choose to bring into the consultations. 

Knowing that you are your healer, never me, I provide guidance on what to do between consultations to cement the changes and put you well and truly in control.

If you've any questions about how energy medicine can help you, please get in contact.

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