Kinesiology is an energy-based therapy that uses muscle monitoring as a means to bypass conscious thought and communicate directly with your bodies innate, or in-built, healing intelligence.  If you remember biology you’d know this as 'homoeostasis' - the premise that the body is designed to self-heal. This direct communication allows me to determine what is hindering your progress in any area of your life and what is specifically needed in order to clear those blocks. 

Kinesiology is a truly holistic, non-invasive, natural therapy that works on you as an individual.  It looks beyond your symptoms, searches for the root cause and the best way to release the stress of the cause.  It’s an effective therapy for all manner of physical, mental and emotional issues and benefits adults and children of all ages.

As my mantra is to always find and fix the underlying factors that are holding people's health down, I've found the combination of naturopathy and kinesiology are a powerful way to do that.

If you've any questions about how kinesiology can help you, please get in contact.


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