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Talk Therapy

We need to talk. We like to talk. Sometimes, however, too much talk leaves us spinning around our heads without moving towards our physical and emotional health and wellbeing goals.

After watching myself be part of the 'spinning', both personally and professionally, I ventured into the year-long professional training to explore the Compassionate Inquiry® psychotherapeutic approach created by Dr. Gabor Maté over several decades. This guidance continues as I venture into the next phase of the training, with close one-on-one mentorship, with a goal of certifying as a practitioner over the next year - watch this space.

The goal of Compassionate Inquiry® is to create a space were we can see and validate belief systems, patterns, addictions, and the like, that arose as an adaptation to an environment that we didn't feel safe and seen in. As we see, but more importantly, feel these parts of us, we are more likely for those parts of us that no longer serve us as adults, to let go a little and take a back seat. 

This work supports not only emotional or mental symptoms, but physical too, including chronic pain and autoimmune conditions, which are rife in our modern society.

If you've any questions about how Compassionate Inquiry can support you, please get in contact.

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